Catering options

                                                                                             Elegant Fare 
Elegant Fare is one of the leading premium caterers in Greater Cincinnati. They have earned this reputation by creating social and corporate events around timeless values such as delicious food, impeccable service and artistic presentation. They create classic, yet modern events that you will never forget or worry about. They orchestrate every detail of your experience no matter the size of your event.

                                                                                            Jeff Thomas Catering 
Celebrating over 30 years of catering in Greater Cincinnati, Jeff Thomas Catering prides themselves on cutting edge cuisine and quality service. Jeff works closely with clients to design a menu specifically suited to your needs and tastes. Jeff has extensively travelled the world to get a clearer understanding of world cuisines and customs. Jeff embraces the diversity of the cuisines he and his staff prepare. 

                                                                                     Vonderhaar's Catering
Vonderhaar's Catering has been privileged to serve the Greater Cincinnati area for over 46 years. Paired with their event planning and service staff, whose attention to detail is unequaled in this region, Vonderhaar's offers the perfect combination of  exceptional service and delicious, creative culinary offerings. Vonderhaar's is proud to bring their knowledge and experience to every job they do thus allowing you to confidently relax and be a guest at your own event.

For more information -- including menu possibilities and prices -- contact each caterer directly.